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i've got a sports car, you've got a space hopper

excuse me, that's not time travel

9 September 1985
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obsolete, yet still the sports car of time travel.

As the journal name implies, here geekdom abounds. Kassy is a twenty-three year old geek, fangirl, and sometimes-gamer. When not role playing (oh my), fangirling, or trolling (in the dungeon, sometimes under a bridge), she enjoys science fiction and fantasy novels, classic literature, writing (with aspirations of future publication), and tooling around in Photoshop. She writes fanfiction on occasion and is paid in sundry ways for her skills as a beta reader. Virgo, hopeless romantic, and closet snuggler, she also enjoys the cooler side of the pillow, three day weekends, and cartoons. The space between her ears is tragically comprised mainly of fluff and terrible, fannish thoughts. Current addictions include: Torchwood, Doctor Who, and Star Trek.

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