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18 February 2010 @ 01:33 am
You're awful, I love you!  
Facebook -- or, as my mother says, Friendface -- is a pit. It's one of those goddamn internet traps like Wikipedia or Cracked.com. The ones that you start browsing with a purpose, then glance down and to the right only to notice that three hours of your life have slipped by and you're a) without the information you originally sought and b) are fifty or sixty pages down from your original query. I have absolutely no idea what I originally meant to find on Facebook, but I've ended up browsing the Synthetic Socks photos from Dragon*Con '08, otherwise known as The One Con to Rule Them All.

Now, I've been going to Dragon*Con since I was a wee thing who needed others to buy my alcohol for me and was relieved to not be carded in the dark, dank cesspool of the original Colonial Day Party (which harkens back to '06 just before my 21st b-day), but I do believe it's safe to say that Dragon*Con '08 was the best Dragon*Con to date. Why?

Well, we might as well pretend that 2006 didn't actually happen. Apart from a now notorious con hook-up in the effing Sky Lobby of the Marriott and the still running joke of storing all cosplay wigs under the wheels of desk chairs, this trip was a complete waste of time, money, and space. I went with the wrong people, had a horrific time, and can now write the book on not really knowing a person until you con with them. The end.

By 2007, I'd convinced the Synthetic Socks to man up and roll out to Atlanta. This was epic, don't get me wrong, but it was also First Con. Since we're not counting the previous year, we were all mostly D*C virgins and this was damn weird. The room was packed to bursting, someone almost busted a cap in Chris due to hotel fail, we got epically lost in search of cake, Brittrack was a total fucking disappointment where Torchwood was concerned, and we fucking missed the drum circle. There was definitely win, though, including Cruxshadows, drunk!cake, geneticlemon and I discovering the marshmallow kingdom, and several epic photoshoots (that may have included breaking and entering). Plus, we discovered Caturday and Cakeday and spent the whole weekend pulling 'I can has (thing)' or '(Thing), let me show you it!' antics. This was a good starter year.

Now ... 2008? I cannot begin to describe all the ways in which this Dragon*Con rocked me like a hurricane. First of all, I think findingbeauty and I drank almost an entire case of beer between us, grudgingly giving away a very few bottles, which she opened with her goddamn belt buckle. (This is how I know she is Tony Stark, damn it.) Second, the massive amount of celeb run-ins, which facilitated things like: Cee calling James Marsters a douchebag in a crowded elevator, me shamelessly groping Tahmoh Penikett's rock-hard abs, everyone ogling Nathan Fillion's drunk ass, and Cee scaring one or both of the Lewis Brothers (much the same way that she frightened Jamie Bamber in '07). Also ... I drunkenly rolled my katamari into the Marriott bar and acquired bodlon, which might have been the most epic thing I've ever done while drunk in my entire life. "It's that guy who said punchfucking at the Torchwood panel! I think I know him from fandom! I'm going to go get fangirl splooge all over him!" ... yeah, baby. Epic win.

I fondly look back on 2008, gloss over some of the somewhat grimy parts, and chalk this up as the best convention experience to date. Things meshed, things clicked into place, and it was definitely the right combination of people at the right time for the most righteous and fucking awesome time possible. It was like the goddamn Avengers forming and I'm fucking Captain America getting all teary-eyed thinking about it.

Which means that Dragon*Con 2009 was the House of M of con experiences. Which, for the most part, is about right. You really can't get any worse than contracting the goddamn swine flu at a convention. We were all ill, all of us, at some point during or directly after the con and general doctorly consensus here in NC was that it was swine flu. I, personally, was so ill that I kept moaning in agony during my sleep, concerning my Monday night roomies verily. (Sorry, guys.) The most epic and awesome part of this trip, unfortunately, was Gilly getting out of a speeding ticket on the way home from Atlanta just by being a goddamn awesome ninja. Seriously. This happened.

So, continuing the theme, I propose that 2010 be the formation of the New Avengers. More epic, less suck, and possibly the acquisition of someone to be Wolverine. Er, not literally. But in that "rounding out the team" way. Unless, you know, someone wants to actually cosplay the Canucklehead. Which is cool.

But. Yes. This is what I'm proposing during a 1 AM ramble and I'm leaving it out on the table.

What would make D*C 2010 awesome?
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Christian A. Youngbodlon on February 18th, 2010 02:58 pm (UTC)
Y'all are making me feel bad for un-planning D*C 2010.

Watch. I'll change my mind in June or something.